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The history of Lord Leitrim, Mohill and Leitrim

is told in By hereditary virtues: a history of Lough Rynn. First published in 2006, a revised, second edition of the book is now available (published March 2020). The new, expanded edition includes includes additional research on the famine and post-famine era and a new chapter on Lord Leitrim's relationships with the women in his life.
You can order a copy via the PayPal link below. The normal price of the book is €20 (£18.95 on Amazon). For a short time, the book is available here for the discounted price of €15 plus shipping - with free delivery in Mohill.

About the book Lough Rynn Castle, near Mohill, Co. Leitrim, belonged to one of the most notorious landlords of 19th century Ireland: William Sydney Clements, 3rd Earl of Leitrim - or simply Lord Leitrim. 
The Earl lives in local memory as a notorious despot who represented the worst excesses of landlordism in Ireland during the 19th century.

Drawing on various primary and secondary sources, 'By Hereditary Virtues: a Histor…

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